Yandere-chan is the protagonist and the main character of Yandere Simulator. Her goal in the game is to eliminate rivals or anyone who has a special interest in Senpai.



 Yandere-chan's official first name will be either Ayano, Ayane, or Ayana, as YanderDev would like to have her name include "yan" somewhere in it.YandereDev is currently leaning towards Ayano because there are fewer Google searches for that name.As of the october 8th 2015, Yandere-chan's name is displayed as "Ayano Aishi" on social media. Her name is also shown as "Ayano Aishi" in the credits. "Aishi" is now Yandere-chan's canon last name.Yandere-chan will be nicknamed "Yan-chan" by other students, but teachers will refer to her by Yandere-chan's surname or full name.Edit

Intros Edit

First Intro Edit

At the beginning of the first intro, she has a dream about her ideal lover, who she calls "Senpai", after expressing how disappointed she is with her love life in her first year of high school. That morning, because of her imagination running wild, she loses track of time and goes off to school late. She runs into someone who looks almost identical to the person she saw in her dreams. When she sees him, she instantly falls in love with him, concluding to herself that it must be fate they met. She then sees him being scolded by a tsundere childhood friend, Osana Najimi, and plans to get rid of her.

Yandere-chan then meets a mysterious girl named Info-chan, who asked by phone to meet her in Classroom 3-3. The girl tells Yandere-chan about the panty shot system and asks her to kill others around the school so that her newspaper will sell better. Yandere-chan has serious doubts about this, not wanting to do anything that horrible, but Yandere-chan considers the idea after being told that Osana will confess her love for Senpai that very week's Friday. Even so, it's up to the player whether or not to do bad deeds to achieve her goal.

This cutscene is no longer in the present game and is outdated. However, in the August 15th, 2015 Build, there is a visionary scene.

Second Intro Edit

In the second intro, Yandere-chan is talking to herself about Senpai. Yandere-chan says she had felt no emotions at all until she met him, and now feels envy and rage towards someone who is apparently trying to take him from her. Yandere-chan says she wants to kill this person, and that there is not a single thing she would not do for Senpai. Info-chan then sends Yandere-chan a text message, having seen her stalking Senpai. Info-chan tells Yandere-chan the girl's name (Osana Najimi), when she's going to confess to Senpai, and about the panty shot system. The two seemingly become allies after that, though not friends.

Appearance Edit

Yandere-chan has fair skin, black hair that is tied into a ponytail, and grey-blackish eyes. She is 165 cm tall (5 feet, 5 inches), 43.5 kg (95.90 lbs), and has average-sized breasts She's seen wearing a white and navy blue uniform shirt with a red mini scarf, a matching navy blue skirt, black stockings and black shoes. Her can be customized. In all uniforms, she wears her signature black thigh-high stockings.

If she has murdered a student, her uniform and the rest of her body will become bloody. When visibly insane, Yandere-chan will become hunched over, twitch erratically, will have dilated pupils and the top half of her face will have a dark shadow.

There used to be an Easter Egg where if she ran behind the Confession Tree located at the back of the school, she would be wearing a red and black version of the default uniform. This, however, was removed, after being reported countless times as a "bug".

There are several other Easter Eggs that alter her appearance, those being 47 Mode,Bad Time ModeBancho ModeCirno ModeDK ModeFalcon ModeGalo Mode,Hateful ModePunch ModePunished ModeSlender ModeTitan Mode, and X Mode. The Easter Eggs that don't alter her appearance are Bad Romance Mode, a mode where a Stand from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure follows the player around, and Spooky Mode, a mode where every female except Yandere-chan turns into a skeleton The player can also different hairstyles by pressing the H key. The player can give her eye-wear accessories using the P key. They can also give her random miscellaneous accessories using the O key. The <and > keys decrease/increase her bust size.

In the final game, Yandere-chan's hair will not be customizable during gameplay.

When Yandere Vision is active, Yandere-chan's body will be outlined in black.

If Yandere-kun is ever implemented, then he will look like a sadistic Senpai.

Personality Edit

Yandere-chan is, as her name suggests, a yandere; one who will go to any lengths, even murder, for her love. Between a sociopath and a psychopath she is more of the former. She suffers from a fictional type of insanity.[14]

In the first intro cutscene, Yandere-chan was not inherently a yandere; she was coaxed into it by Info-chan, and was apprehensive of the idea of killing another person. She was just a love-hungry schoolgirl who wants a boyfriend. She didn't even seem to consider killing Osana before Info-chan brought it up.

In the second intro, Yandere-chan is instead very emotionless, apathetic, and speaks with a deadpan expression. She had been this way since as far back as she could remember, before meeting Senpai for the first time. She would do anything to prevent people from getting with Senpai, even if it means killing them; Yandere-chan does not have the ability to feel emotions, empathy, or remorse. She does not feel guilt or shame for harming others. She knows what the general people consider to be "wrong", but she just doesn't care.

In both intros, Info-chan is morally wrong to Yandere-chan. Therefore, even if Yandere-chan in the second intro is not right, she still must have morals of some sort. No matter what, Yandere-chan is a blank slate whose personality is determined by the player's actions, but all Yandere-chans have the capacity to commit each of the possible actions in the game.

Yandere-chan's "hobby" is trying to convince everyone around her that she's a normal girl. She buys manga, plays video games, and rides a bike to project the image of a normal girl. However, she does not enjoy any of it.[19] She isn't incredibly talkative at default and will only speak when necessary.

Background Edit

A few days before the game begins, Yandere-chan meets Senpai and her sense of right and wrong became completely guided by the goal of obtaining him for herself. YandereDev has stated that Yandere-chan is a person who has never taken a life or harmed another person before meeting Senpai.For example, Yandere-chan tried to determine if she could experience any kind of enjoyment. She experimented by killing insects. When she discovered that killing insects brought her no joy, she decided never to experiment on animals, for that it would just come to the same conclusion. This backstory was later slightly altered to suggest the possibility of Yandere-chan killing an animal instead of some insects, but this backstory ended with similar results. Thus, Yandere-chan does not kill for fun.

In the original intro cutscene, Info-chan says "So, history is repeating itself, huh? Time to test a theory..." after Yandere-chan rushes to school after running into Senpai, and "I'm sure you could. It's in your blood, after all," after Info-chan asks Yandere-chan to murder a fellow student, suggesting that Info-chan knows about the nature of Yandere-chan's family.

According to Basement Tape #1, Yandere-chan's mother and grandmother were yanderes as well and kept their obsessions tied to the same chair. In fact, the line of yanderes goes back very far. YandereDev imagines that Yandere-chan's great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother wore a bloody kimono and wielded a knife. When her parents were in high school together, her father was Yandere-chan's mother's senpai. Yandere-chan's mother was a yandere girl in school, and killed a girl in 1989. YandereDev explains this in his blogpost "Halloween and DLC".

Yandere-chan has no siblings.

Most women in Yandere-chan's family want to give birth at a young age, such as 19. Yandere-chan's great-great-great grandmother was born in 1910. She will be 107 years old in 2017. It has also been a family tradition for several centuries that when an Aishi woman marries a man, the man always adopts the wife's surname. It is most likely that there are no male yanderes in the family. When a female Yandere is born, there are always slight differences between each generation; the Yanderes are not all clones. Their yandere tendencies are not more or less strong either.

YandereDev would love to do a cutscene from Yandere-chan's childhood, but there is no young Yandere-chan character model available. It is known that when Yandere-chan was a baby, she never showed much emotion and was extremely quiet. While the father was worried, the mother assured him that the baby was fine.

Relationships Edit

Senpai Edit

Before meeting Senpai, Yandere-chan was just drifting through life without any purpose. Yandere-chan only met Senpai a few days before the beginning of the game. She changes because she no longer cares about right or wrong like she did before the encounter.

Yandere-chan acts like a pervert toward Senpai, wanting to go into the Boys' Shower Room to admire him. Even so, what she feels isn't lust, but more like seeing color in a grey world. In fact, it might not even be romantic, since Senpai just seems to give Yandere-chan new sensations.

If she ever accidentally hurt Senpai, she would feel a mixture of depressed emotions. However, Yandere-chan is okay with mentally traumatizing Senpai in order to eliminate a rival.

Yandere-chan couldn't object to anything that made Senpai happy, so long as it isn't another girl. Because of that, Senpai could use her if he wanted. However, if he insulted her she'd punish him and maybe even break him to fit her ideals.

Senpai isn't close with Yandere-chan and he doesn't know much about her. He usually never notices Yandere-chan, as she can stalk him after school, depending on how the day went. However, if she stands near him for too long during the day, then he might notice and get freaked out.

If Yandere-chan ever lost Senpai's love, or if she got rejected by Senpai, YandereDev could imagine her crying over it.If Senpai was ever killed and Yandere-chan knew who did the deed, she would feel a cross between deep hatred and total, hollow emptiness. If Senpai ever committed suicide because of Yandere-chan, she would do the same.

Yandere-chan would love to one day confess to Senpai under the Confession Tree.

Info-chan Edit

In the first intro, Yandere-chan is just a love-hungry schoolgirl, so she has every right to be disgusted by Info-chan. Yandere-chan still can choose to be moved by what Info-chan says and can do things that way. In the second intro, Yandere-chan is less moral; she is still not necessarily evil, so she is also not pleased by Info-chan, but can still choose to do bad things. Yandere-chan can refuse to help Info-chan by not taking panty shots or killing others.

Yandere-chan's only current ally is Info-chan.

It's a huge spoiler to say what would happen if Yandere-chan didn't take panty shots or kill students, which would help Info-chan. YandereDev wants it to influence some events near the end of the story.

Info-chan's attitude towards or beliefs about Yandere-chan may be affected by the player's actions.

Yandere-chan works 100% solo, excluding her co-operation with Info-chan. 

Rivals Edit

The rivals will never know that Yandere-chan exists and that they have competition. Yandere-chan is seemingly fine with eliminating them so long as she gets her crush.

Yandere-chan might think that she's better than the rivals because when Yandere-chan saw Osana, she believed that Osana could never love Senpai like she can.

Yandere-chan's Mother Edit

Yandere-chan is indifferent to both her parents. She believes that her mother is a kind, pure, warm, gentle and innocent lady, and the mother loves her daughter dearly because Yandere-chan is a physical manifestation of the love between the two parents. Ryoba knows about her daughter's non-existing emotions.

If she saw Yandere-chan in a relationship, the mother would just be happy to see her daughter had found love.

Yandere-chan's Father Edit

Yandere-chan is indifferent to both her parents. Her father has suspicions about Yandere-chan, but does not know her true nature. He's a little creeped out by her, but loves Yandere-chan nonetheless. When Yandere-chan noticed that her parents were worrying about her, she started pretending to be normal.Afterwards, there was no longer a reason for her parents to worry about her. If the father sees Yandere-chan trying to romanticize a female Senpai, he would strongly discourage the relationship. His values come from Japanese society, where there is still homophobia in the country. If Yandere-chan was in a hetero-relationship with a male Senpai, the father would worry about the nature of the relationship, and how it began.

Aishi Family Edit

Yandere-chan's family is not very close, as once the women have found a male they don't usually spend time with others. Yandere-chan may not have even met most of her relatives. No one is on bad terms, though.

Students Edit

If a student sees Yandere-chan murder many times, they will see her as a villain that needs to be defeated. They will continue to go to school in an attempt to catch Yandere-chan in the middle of a crime so that she can finally go to jail.

Yandere-chan seemingly doesn't care about the fates of the students and will get rid of them if they get in the way.

Students will not develop crushes on Yandere-chan. Hypothetically, if a boy developed a crush on Yandere-chan, she would not be affected. She would reject him while trying to "stay in character". On the outside, she would act like a shy schoolgirl who cannot accept the boy's feelings. On the inside, however, she would think of the boy as an insect who needs to be swatted.

If Yandere-chan becomes very popular, it's possible that in the future students will stalk her, thus making it difficult to murder without witnesses.

If she had to pick some classmates to be her friends in order to be "normal", she wouldn't make friends with popular girls in order to not be noticed by too many people. On the other hand, she wouldn't want to become an outcast either, so she wouldn't make friends with delinquents or outcasts. She would make friends with the "in-between": girls who aren't popular, aren't bullied, aren't outcasts. In other words, she would become friends with normal, plain students and/or wallflowers.[71]

According to YandereDev, Yandere-chan's motivations for befriending students are purely manipulative. Yandere-chan most likely has never had any real friends.

YandereDev is considering having Yandere-chan be able to join a group of delinquents, an idea that he wanted since way back in 2014.

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